Grooming & Boarding


Hermiston Veterinary Clinic offers full service grooming for cats and dogs. Services range from the basic bath to breed-specific cuts and trims, as well as dematting and full body shaves. Sedation is also available by our veterinarians for stressed animals. Unless instructed otherwise by the owner, every groom consists of a nail trim, ear rinse, ear hair pulled (if needed), anal gland expression, bath with flea shampoo and oatmeal (or other skin-type appropriate) shampoo, blow dry, and brushout. Prices are determined on an individual basis by the groomer, based on coat condition and services rendered.

Grooms can be scheduled on most business days. Pet drop-off is between 8:30am and 9:00am, and owners will receive a call when their pet is ready to go home.

Puppies scheduled for groomings must be up to date with their vaccinations through 16 weeks of age. Pets can have their vaccines boostered on the day of the groom, as well as receive other necessary veterinary exams as authorized by the owners.


We also offer dog and cat boarding. Facilities include secure, temperature controlled indoor kennels and outdoor dog kennels that are cleaned and sanitized twice daily. All dogs stay indoors overnight. Boarding dogs are fed Science Diet dry food, supplied with fresh water, walked multiple times a day if indoors, and given a freshly laundered blanket. Cats stay comfortably in indoor cages- cleaned daily, with a blanket, food/water, and fresh litter trays. Owners can bring their pets' own food, too..

Boarders are monitored by the technicians and can receive prompt veterinary care if needed. Our technicians can also administer treatments to boarding animals that have chronic health conditions, such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, ear infections, and more.

All boarders must be up to date with vaccinations and will be treated at owners' expense if found to have external parasites.

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